Efficient energy incentives

We believe people should be rewarded for not only electrifying their lives, but also for using that valuable energy wisely. Many northern Minnesota electric cooperatives and municipal utilities in the Minnkota Power Cooperative system are active in the PowerSavers program – which offers incentives to consumers who make qualifying energy efficiency or conservation improvements.

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Utilities across the state of Minnesota are required to reduce electricity sales by 1.5% each year based on the most recent 3-year weather normalized energy sales. The PowerSavers program has delivered at or above the 1.5% savings target since the goal went into effect in 2010, and has helped consumers save more than 285 million kilowatt-hours (kWh).
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What qualifies for an energy efficiency incentive?

Please see the Residential Incentives Application below for incentive levels and requirements.

Lighting equipment

  • LED screw-in bulbs
  • LED fixtures
  • LED outdoor fixture


  • Clothes washers (ENERGY STAR)
  • Clothes dryers (ENERGY STAR)
  • Refrigerator or freezer (ENERGY STAR)

Water heating measures

  • Electric water heater installation
  • Additional incentive for new building construction
  • Additional incentive for conversion from existing natural gas or propane to an electric water heater

Programmable thermostats

  • Programmable thermostats
  • ENERGY STAR smart thermostats

Geothermal measures

  • Water-to-air ground-source heat pump systems
  • Water-to-water ground-source heat pump systems
  • Replacement ground-source heat pump systems

HVAC measures (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

  • Central AC tune-ups
  • Air-source heat pump (ASHP) tune-ups
  • Mini-split heat pump tune-ups
  • Supplemental heating source ASHPs
  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Mini-split heat pumps

EV charging

  • Electric vehicle charger (240V or larger)
All residential measures for PowerSavers incentives must adhere to the requirements of the program as instructed in the Residential Incentives Application below. Check with your utility on program restrictions and additional incentives.