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When comparing the price of off-peak electricity for heating to the price of alternative heating fuels, it’s important to compare equipment efficiency, energy rates and monthly service charges. It’s also important to recognize the long-term stability of the off-peak rate versus alternatives that may fluctuate up and down at a moment's notice.

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The seasonal efficiency for electric heating systems ranges from 100-300% or more. The comparable efficiency for gas and oil heating systems ranges from a low of approximately 70% to a high of 95%.

Use the heating cost calculator below to compare your utility's off-peak rate to the equivalent price of propane or fuel oil. Your cooperative or municipal utility will be happy to provide you with the current off-peak electric heating rate.

off-peak program

Heating cost calculator

Your cooperative or municipal utility will be happy to work with you to sort out all factors that should be considered in your energy cost comparisons.