Electric Living

Electrified lifestyle

You already know that switching from fuel to electric power can make your heat, hot water and vehicle cleaner and more efficient. But electricity can also add fun and speed to daily tasks – both indoors and out. Electric snow blowers are the new trend in winter cleanup.

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Starting your electrified home

Every year brings more and more innovative, efficient uses for electricity in every aspect of home living. From the kitchen to the garage, kilowatts are enhancing the performance of your most valuable tools and appliances.

Induction stovetop

For the home chefs out there, an induction range is a valuable addition to your cooking station. The latest kitchen go-to stovetop uses electricity to create a magnetic field that heats iron-based pans and pots from the inside out. You use less electricity, eliminate any open flame and protect your family from accidental burns.

    Induction stovetops are more efficient at transferring heat energy than both gas stoves and electric coils – up to 10%.
    Your meals will be prepared faster and more evenly with an induction stovetop. The elements heat up a pot or pan quickly (you can have a pot of water boiling in two minutes), and you can reduce the heat just as fast. The induction cooktop also beats gas burners for low simmering temperatures for sauces and rice.
    Induction stovetops will only heat iron-based pots and pans and will automatically shut off if one is not detected, so you won’t burn yourself on a coil or create a fire hazard. Plus, the technology heats the pan and not the stove itself, so cool-down time is immediate.
Electric lawn care

From mowers to leaf blowers to trimmers, you can now electrify everything in your lawn care toolkit. Each piece of technology has become more powerful and more efficient in the past few years. And as prices continue to drop, homeowners and landscapers are scrambling to fill their garages with the latest corded or battery-powered models.

    Electric lawnmowers, trimmers and blowers don’t contain the rumbling machinery and parts of standard gas-powered tools, so you can start your lawn work earlier without disturbing the neighborhood.
    With fewer components and no fuel tank, electric mowers and tools are easier to push and carry.
    You never have to worry about running out of fuel in the middle of a mow or storing oil/gas in your garage. Electricity is always ready to re-energize your equipment.
    Don’t worry about throwing out your back trying to start your gas-powered mower or trimmer. Electric lawn care tools start with a simple press of a button.
Electric snow blowers

Even if you enjoy the vision of a blanket of white after a winter storm – clearing your driveway and sidewalks can be downright aggravating. Whatever angers you most about snow removal, an electric snow blower is likely just the fix for your frustration.

    If a drifty driveway is blocking you from getting to work in the morning, an electric snow blower will allow you to clear a path without waking the household – there is no rumbling engine involved.
    No gas engine means no gas refueling is necessary, so you can keep throwing snow until the job is done. Plus, you don’t have to worry about storing fuel and oil in the cold winter months.
    With an electric snow blower, you’ll release no emissions into the air, and that will keep you breathing easier and your coat smelling better through the winter.
    If you’ve never been a fan of unpredictable pull-cord ignition, an electric snow blower offers a super simple push button start that everyone in the family can use – and it works every time.
Electric bikes

Electric bicycles (referred to as e-bikes) have recently become one of the trendiest ways to cruise the trails and bike paths. The battery-assisted bikes come in a variety of classes and styles, from moderate pedal-assist to full-throttle power. Whether you need the extra boost to keep up with your kids or to get through uphill, rough terrain, an e-bike is an essential addition to your outdoor gear.

    Ride your bike to the office or social gathering without breaking a sweat. Pedal assistance allows you to choose how much of a workout you receive, from standard pedaling to full battery power.
    Most e-bike varieties either plug into a typical 120-volt wall outlet to charge or work with swappable battery packs. The bikes can typically be charged within three hours for 30-80 miles in assisted range.
    Standard Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes can assist with pedaling up to 20 mph. Higher-performance Class 3 models have a drive system that will assist up to 28 mph. Always wear your helmet!