What is the
Value of Electricity?

The future of energy is electrification. From cooler cars to more efficient home heating, the increasing presence of electricity in your life is undeniable. And as the cost of electricity remains historically stable, the VALUE of those kilowatts just keeps growing – with more uses, cleaner resources and advanced technology.

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Help your cooperative enhance its community by adding the VALUE OF ELECTRICITY to your life. You don’t need to give up the fuel sources you know. Electrification is just an opportunity to make smarter energy choices – for the strength of the electric grid, for the health of the environment, for the worth of your home and for the finances of your family.
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Capture the Value

Electrify your life with fuel sources you know to make smarter energy choices.

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Two Paths to Value

electric technology rebates

Smart electrification through your cooperative or utility saves money in two ways – first, you can receive BIG REBATES on installing electric technologies that utilize the off-peak program.

Efficient energy incentives

You can also score IMPACTFUL INCENTIVES for using your electricity wisely and upgrading to energy efficient equipment.

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Value in Your Neighborhood

Your friends and family are experiencing the Value of Electricityjoin them! Check out our blog to read their testimonials, discover new electric technologies and learn energy-saving tricks from the professionals.

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