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Contractor benefits

We know contractors are among the busiest people in the region, and they’re always aiming for two things – expedience and high-quality service. If you’re a contractor and that sounds like you, you have a lot to gain by helping your customers electrify their homes with energy-efficient products.

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Helping customers electrify their homes

Electricity is the best way to achieve high efficiency, using energy that is safe and emission-free for your customers.

Electricity-based HVAC and other technologies are often easier to install than similar gas- or oil-based systems.

You won’t need to worry about setting up piping, venting, or tanks – electricity is already wired into the home.

You can tell your homeowners that electricity is the most efficient, safe and clean way to heat, cool and energize a home.

People are always looking for ways to be more efficient in order to save money and prevent waste. Electricity is the best way to achieve high efficiency, using energy that safe and emission-free.

The world is going electric – keep your customers current.

Because electrification is the future, you will be able to introduce your customers to the most innovative new technologies for their homes, instead of relying on the old systems of the past.

Electric technology rebates and wise energy use incentives will keep more money in your customers’ wallets.

Local utilities offer hundreds of dollars in installation incentives when consumers choose effective electric technologies for their new homes or renovations. Additionally, homeowners can utilize their cooperative or municipal utility’s off-peak program to save even more in the long run. They’ll be telling their friends and neighbors how much money you saved them!

Electric cooperatives and municipal utilities want to partner with contractors.

Your region’s co-ops want to help you feel confident in offering and installing electric and energy efficient technologies for your customers. Many offer training programs, educational materials or incentives for contractors who wish to electrify their projects. Reach out to your local co-op to see how they can assist you in providing the very best service.