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Save on EV charging with off-peak

December 17, 2021

When Adam and Britani DeFoe moved their family from Nebraska to West Fargo, N.D., more than three years ago, they had a lot to figure out. Adam was starting a new physician interventional radiologist job at Essentia Health, their four kids would be experiencing a new community and they were building a new house from afar.

But one thing was easy to figure out. Adam had a Tesla Model 3 on preorder, and he wanted a way to charge it quickly at home.

“Our builder just asked me about it. He gave me the option of the off-peak meter for the charger, and he said, ‘You’ll save a lot.’ Right away I said yes – put that in!” Adam said with a laugh.

Adam DeFoe never has to stop at a gas station, because he can simply plug in his car every evening.

The DeFoes, Cass County Electric Cooperative members, have racked up the savings by charging their electric vehicle (EV) on the off-peak program, which offers them a reduced electric rate for changing the car during low-demand times of day – often overnight. Additionally, a charger rebate is offered to members who enroll in the off-peak program. Adam simply plugs into the 240-volt system when he gets home, and the car is programmed to begin the charging process at the set off-peak time. Even if the battery is nearly depleted, he has a full charge by the time he needs to leave for the hospital.

“Especially compared to paying for gasoline, charging the car is pennies. It takes very little electricity to make this car get to work and back,” Adam said. “You definitely see the cost savings in the long run. Electric vehicles are great, especially if you are doing a lot of around-the-town commuting.”

Inexpensive “fuel ups” are just a small reason Adam loves his EV. He hasn’t had to bring the car in for maintenance the entire three years he’s had it (no oil, no belts, no problems), he likes that it is American made and environmentally friendly, and he can’t get enough of the high-tech features and app capabilities.

He’s most charged up about one detail in particular.

“They are super fun to drive. The acceleration…” he said with a pause. “You can’t beat it.”

Adam and Britani DeFoe love their EV, and they hope to see more around the region in the coming years.

The DeFoes have become fast advocates of EVs and are thrilled to see fast charging stations and Tesla Superchargers pop up in their neighborhood and towns around the region. Britani drives the EV whenever she has the chance, and the couple certainly envisions plug-in fandom continuing through their next generation.

“My oldest will be 11 soon, so I’m thinking it might be passed on to her, because the safety ratings on this thing are amazing,” Adam said.


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